ODK Central port change

Hello ODK family
I'm not sure what's up with my domain. I successfully installed ODK central, nginx is running (healthy), and I can even create users vie commands. The issue now is that when I paste my domain into the browser, it does not pick it up. Because the default ports are already in use, I changed them from 80/443 to 8081/4443.
Look at the image below. What maybe the challenge?


As it says in your screenshot, you shouldn’t change the ports if you use Let’s Encrypt. You’ll need to use a custom cert or setup an upstream proxy.

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@yanokwa tahnks very much , i have worked on something and it works now

Great! So that others would benefit, what did you do to fix this problem?

@yanokwa It appears that the ODK central only works well on ports 80/443.
So I simply changed the ports from the system that was occupying those ports so that ports 80/443 became available. After opening the 80/443, I rebuilt and everything started working properly.