ODK Central to Excel - With Image Authentication

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I want to produce a mail merge from Excel using the ODK Central data. The Mailmerge would need to contain any images from the results. In Aggregate this wasn't a problem as we could allow anonymous data access which I could then use with Google Sheets, but I can't seem to do this with ODK Central.
Does anybody have any ideals of a workaround?
Or alternatively could anybody suggest a better way completely rather than using Excel.

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Please elaborate a bit more about what you want to do, with examples if preferable. Though I think you can do the task through API.

Hi Saad

At the moment I can stream the data from ODK Central to Excel as recommended via the "Analyze via OData" button at the top right of the submissions screen. This works fine.

I am able to construct a hyperlink to the media files contained within the submission rows, unfortunately I have to be logged in to ODK Central to be able to download the media (images etc).

Is there any way to download the images via Excel without the requirement to be logged in to ODK Central?



IN its implest form, I am looking to use a hyperlink in the Excel document where the

I'm looking to see if there is any way that photos or media attachments

In Aggregate, we could link the images like this. But in central, this is not possible. Central does not open images in the browser, but triggers a file download for viewing locally.

You would have to take the images out of central before displaying them anywhere. It can be local download or API. I dont think you can create any link for the images to be displayed while being on the central server.

Hi Saad.

Thanks for your reply,

I think I will be able work around it by offering a generic user/pass to anybody who wishes to download any of the media from the excel spreadsheet.

I've only recently moved from Aggregate over to Central which does appear to be a far easier programme to use so hopefully I'll work something out in the future with an APi / future release.

Thanks again

With Aggregate, I faced similar issues, and hence I ended up creating a custom dashboard for almost all the projects, which could pull the data and images from aggregate and store it as a local copy. And then onward you can do anything with the data. Central is much better in many things, however, still few features are separated out as not-part-of-central (like image viewing, visualizations, etc). So a custom dashboard is still a good way if you need to introduce custom features on the dataset.