ODK Central to Salesforce integration

I’m sure my organisation isn’t the only one that collects data using ODK and stores it in a Salesforce database. I would like to know how others transfer and transform that data from ODK to Salesforce.

Historically, we’ve used Jitterbit for our Salesforce integration for Aggregate. Now we’re in the process of switching to ODK Central and need to set things up again. As our current Jitterbit contract will expire soon, it’s the perfect time to see if there is a better option out there (better could mean cheaper, but not necessarily).

One option we heard about is Mulesoft, but we still need to explore that further to see how competitive they are and if the solution will work for us.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, they would be much appreciated!

Historically, people have used OpenFn to move data from the ODK ecosystem to Salesforce. I don't know how well Central is supported these days.

@taylordowns2000 can you chime in here when you have a moment?

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Thanks @yanokwa, we will definitely look into OpenFn and also look forward to hearing from @taylordowns2000.

Hi @mhigginbottom!, How was your experience integrating ODK Central to Salesforce?, I´d love to hear what technical challenges do you faced, and the costs involved; we are planning to make some changes in our M&E systems soon.