ODK Central trial access

Hi ODK geniuses,

This might be a silly question but I havent used ODK open source cloud platforms since the Aggregate days.

Is there a way to create an online account for ODK Central in order to trial the functionality?

The idea is to assess if it is the best tool to move our data to.

Many thanks,


Not a silly question at all!

There are two ways to get access to a Central install. You can pay for official managed hosting on ODK Cloud, or if you are comfortable running Linux servers, you can self-host Central for free on your own infrastructure.

ODK Cloud (get started here) doesn't have trials, but we offer 30-minute personalized demos with someone from the core team. We also offer a 14-day, money-back guarantee. If you try it and it's not a good fit, we'll give you your money back.

For self-hosters, we recommend using DigitalOcean (install instructions here) because they provide a $200, 60-day credit and a referral program that helps support ODK.

More at https://docs.getodk.org/central-install.