ODK Central - up (health: starting) I wait and try again and get up (health:unhealthy)

To be honest, I think the problem is my lack of skills. I've tried several times to get ODK Central set up. The instructions are really great for the ODK side of things and I suspect I'm doing something wrong with my domain name. I first tried FreeDNS but then couldn't see how to set up the domain name for my droplet. I switched to Google Domains as the DigitalOcean's guide for that one seemed straightforward. I looked through the forum and found the conversation about droplet size, so deleted my droplet and started again with 3G. Still no luck.

Is there any way I can check if my problem is to do with my domain set up or ODK Central?

I was very stuck on getting ODK Central set up. I tried numerous times with making new droplets and a couple of different domain names. In the end I had to get a friend who runs an internet business to help me. There is missing information in the instructions for setting up ODK and DigitalOceans. There is some sort of firewall setting that has to be changed for ODK Central to work. I don't understand any of this but it someone could check it out, it would be helpful for future users to have this instruction included in the ODK documents. Thanks

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I'm glad you got it fixed, @lyndal, and thanks for following up! It would really help if you could help us identify where those steps are missing and what they are. Maybe your friend could write up what they did if you're not sure!