ODK Central v2024.1: Add Entities by uploading a CSV

We're thrilled to announce a new Central release which adds a feature a lot of you have been requesting: you can now add Entities by uploading a CSV! :sparkles:

What's new

:bulb: Already have Entities? You can add them to an Entity List by uploading a CSV.

:wastebasket: Accidentally added the wrong Entity? You can now delete it from the Entity data table or from that Entity's detail page.

:heavy_plus_sign: Don't want to use a registration form? You no longer need to define one! Use the Central interface to create Entity Lists and define their Properties.

:speech_balloon: See something unexpected? Let us know through the contextual feedback button we've added to Central installs on ODK Cloud. Learn more.

:arrow_up: We've made a number of other fixes, enhancements, and updates that can be explored in the release notes. Special thanks to @Ben_Sefton and @tgachet who reported an Entity deletion bug.

How to get these improvements?

If you are using Central on ODK Cloud, we'll be rolling out these updates in the coming days. If you are self-hosting Central, follow the upgrade instructions.

What's next

Thank you so much to all of you who have shared your experience using Central and contributed to this release! We’ll be improving navigation in the next release and you can see more of what we have planned in our roadmap.