ODK Champ @ Brian Dooley of FHI 360

I am happy to see my mentor @bdooley who I describe as ODK Champ. He introduced me to ODK in 2015 and trained and nurtured me to build many ODK forms for a multimillion USAID Literacy project in Ghana. Together we have made great strides in improving reading among early graders. ODK made it easier for us to monitor and track the performance of teachers and students on a termly basis and used insights from the data gathered to improve project implementation. Today, we can confidently beat our chest and say we introduced ODK in Ghana for the first time and for others to emulate, and we are gradually working to take over the data collection (survey) space within Ghana Education Service. We have trained people like @Opare_Addo and @Reuben_Aguti among many others.


Excelent news! Do you have a link, photos or videos about the process? It will be nice to know this proyect with more detail.