ODK cited as best practice in events management research paper

Hi - it's been a long while since I've posted here, really glad people still seem to be finding that video about Google Sheets I made useful! Given the current situation I might have time to make some other ones.

Anyway, this may not be particularly relevant to a lot of you but I am happy to share I got a research article published recently with quite a strong 'paper vs digital' data collection angle. There are references to ODK towards the end as a 'best practice' for digital data collection. It can be found here or if you don't have institutional access I can send you a copy.


I was also surprised that in my field (Events/Tourism) there were actually some other researchers out there who had also proposed using ODK as part of their hypothetical data collection efforts. The proposed system would use all sorts of open source sensors and technology to monitor crowds and people at big events. (I don't think their work went anywhere at the time but an interesting concept anyway.)


Thanks again for the great video and congrats on the published paper!

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