Odk collect as module library


I have cloned the odk collect source from the git. Successfully imported into Android Studio,built and made apk. Next I am trying to import the collect into our own in-house custom app, this is mainly to open odk form the custom app instead of having installed odk collect explicitly.

Can any one help me how can I achieve this. Would be nice , if someone can provide some link (for reference) who have already done this.


Hi @Mukti_Chhetri

There is no doc or tutorial how to do that because each one would need something else, you can add ODK Collect as a separate module, you can also just edit the original project and adjust to your needs or even use as a separate app.
There are many apps that uses ODK Collect for example I was working on one which uses ODK Collect as a separate module so it seems like your case.
Are you a developer? What's your problem? You are not able to add a new module or what? As I said there is no doc about it and you are not a developer probably you will need to hire someone.

If you are looking for an example, https://github.com/grzesiek2010/collectTester is good example of how most people integrate with Collect.

Hi @Grzesiek2010,

Thanks for your tips and you got me right.

Not experience in Android development, but I do write web based crud applications (php,python,.net). This is the reason , to request you for the example project, so that i can fiddle around with it.
Because making changes on the main (odk_colelct) app seems little far with the experience i have on this platform now.