Odk collect: automatic deletion-of-old-blank-form

Hi, everyone.
If one download a new version of a blank form without deleting its old version, an error message occurs when trying to edit any filled version of this form.
Yet, on devices to be used on field, to prevent accidental deletion of blank or filled forms, I usually hide the " delete forms" 's link on the home page of collect;
so, if for some reasons, modifications are made on a given blank form while enumerators are yet on field, they are not able to delete the old version of its after downloading the updated one. Once the two versions are presents in collect, editing any filled of that form is no more possible.
To avoid this kind of issue, I'am requesting for a tool that will allow automatic deletion of the old version of a blank form as soon as a newest version of it is being downloaded.
Thanks for taking this request in account.

I believe the issue @Amal described was related to two form definitions with the same version string. I believe this is no longer possible in the most recent versions of ODK Collect. If you experience an issue like this, please let us know.