ODK Collect Data to ODK Aggregate and automatically add and update data in mysql

Hey there,

I have odk aggregate v2.0.5 and odk collect app installed on my samsung tab.
Now, I need to link all of this what I want to do is to collect the data from odk collect app then automatically add that data in mysql.

During the installation of odk aggregate i created a mysql database ( but when I checked the jdbc.properties folder it had postgres url and all I changed them )
then through tomcat I deployed my odk aggregate and added my form from "form management tab"

Need help asap.

Please note that Aggregate is no longer being supported. Central is now the ODK server. We strongly recommend using Central, as Aggregate has not been patched for security, reliability, and other issues since May 2021 when it reached end-of-life. The post below has more details.

This has been resolved.
It is important to ensure that both odk collect app and odk aggregate use the same wifi and the firewall is disabled.