ODK Collect finalized form date and submission date

I am collecting data using ODK Collect app. I saved the form after finalizing. After two days, I submitted to the ODK Aggregate server. But it does not differentiate the time period between the form being finalized and the submitted date.

Can anyone help me in this matter?

Thanks in advance.

I'm not exactly sure where you are getting the dates from, but I'm assuming you have a form with start time and end time.

Start time is the datetime the form was first opened and end time is the datetime the form was last saved (finalizing also saves). Both are set by the device.

Submitted datetime is set by the server when the XML submission (but not multimedia attachments) arrive. It's unlikely that submission datetime and end datetime are the same.

If they are, perhaps you can share a screenshot showing where you are getting the datetimes.

Thanks Yaw, for the reply. I might have mis-communicated before. Actually, I am not using any dates in the xml form. I am trying to use the meta-data meta-submission-date and meta-date-marked-as-completed in the ODK Aggregate. It turns out that both these dates are exactly the same. Basically, what we are looking here for is two dates that would give the completion of a record set (marked as complete) and submission of the record set to the Aggregate server. I am using ODK Aggregate version 1.4.13. I've attached a screen shot of the metadata dates.

@Larence might be you opened form and then you made that complete and then sent to the server.
You should typed "start" and "end" in survey sheet , name colume.
start : will tell you about start time of your form
end : will tell you about end time of your form or when you finalized form.
and when you will export csv file from the server you will find one more colum and that will be "Submission Date" this colum will tell you that when did form recieve on the server.


The definitions of the fields you are looking at are as follows:

meta-submission-date: the datetime the XML submission arrived on the server

meta-date-marked-as-complete: the datetime multimedia attachments associated with the submission arrived on the server

Note that these are all generated server side. If you to know when the form was last saved, that has to be done like Stalker described.

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Thanks @Stalker,

It solved my problem.

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I sent my finalized forms but it's taking so do long to send and sometimes keep bouncing back, and my network is good.

What mat be the problem