ODK Collect : Instance XML File does not exist!

Hi all,

I collect forms and I have activated the automatic sending of questionnaires via wifi connection.
I have a problem with some forms not sending, even if I select them and I try to send manually. The rest of the questionnaires are sent out correctly.
The error message is : Error: Instance XML File does not exist!

I use ODK Collect v1.22.4.
I use ODK Aggregate server configure with https://myserver.mooo.com

I have connected the phone with the cable to my computer and I can't see any forms inside the folders.
On ODK Collect, I try to delete forms and there is any form into the folder "Delete saved forms".
The forms are not on my server ODK Aggregate.

What steps can I take to solve my big problem ?

Thank you so much in advance

Hi Cerise,
Did you get a solution for that?
I'm facing the same problem...

Hi Jovane,

I haven't found any solution to this problem :sob:

Try to delete and reload your xml file (form) ?
I've been really distraught... I've lost forms because of this...

This means that information about a filled form was written to the database but that there is no corresponding data available. Are you absolutely sure that this represents a real record and not for example a discarded draft? Is there anything you can tell us about what happens prior to the error showing? Am I understanding correctly that you see a filled form listed in "Send Finalized Form" that you're not seeing in "Delete Saved Form"? Do you see it in "Edit Saved Form" and what happens if you try to edit it?

What devices are you using? What Android versions? How often does this happen? What are some characteristics of the form definition -- does it have thousands of questions, repeats, image capture...? Is there anything noteworthy about your process (e.g. do you use an external application, hide functionality with an admin password, use encryption, etc).

This kind of edge case is unfortunately going to be very hard to address without reproduction steps. The more you can tell us the more likely it is we can figure this out.