ODK Collect not downloading forms with attached csv files


I have coded a questionnaire and uploaded on ONA, it works fine on the Enteko webform. However, when i try to download (get blank form) it on ODK Collect to use it with mobile android devices it gives 'Download - 'form name' - Failure'.

ODK collect is correctly configured to my ONA account and successfully downloads any forms that do not have attached csv files. It fails everytime I try to download a form which has attached files.

Thanks very much for any help.

Hi @Teoteof
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If you are using ONA as a server probably their forum is a better place to ask Google Groups

  • Did you allow the app to give permission about writing on the disk of the device?
  • Do you have a space character in the 'form name' field for the form?
  • Is your CSV file being compiled and generated properly, with the name itemsets.csv?