ODK Collect / ODK Aggregate

Hello family,
after installing odk aggregate on a local server, my question is, is it possible to submit odk collect data from the internet to my local aggregate server, if so which approach should I adopt? for example, I am in Abidjan and I have an investigator in korhogo about 600km from me.

You could ask your internet service provider about getting a static IP address for the internet service at your office.

Or you could explore using Dynamic DNS (DDNS). DDNS is a way of getting a static address on a dynamic IP by associating your connection with a fixed URL. When the IP address changes a software application updates the fixed URL with the new IP.

With both of these options, you will end up setting up your local server so that it can be reached over the internet.


Good evening danbjoseph,
Thank you very much for your answer which already guides me but what I would like to know more is how to do it in a practical way: in the case where I have a static ip address and the case of using dynamic DNS (DDNS). Thank you for helping me.

Here's an article about setting up a dynamic DNS. The process is likely to be somewhat complex. It may be easier to use a server through Digital Ocean, AWS, or some other cloud services provider. The practical steps for setting it up yourself are going to vary a lot depending on your hardware setup and your ISP. Also, your ISP may not approve of you running a server on their hookup, so you may want to check with them about the terms of service.

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thanks for the link, I will consult the document