ODK Collect - output files

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I have a question about the out files of ODK Collect. It´s possible obtained files that contain the information of every survey?.
That is, obtaining a registration form for each survey that is entered.

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Hi @roanjize, at the end of a survey, after checking the box for "Mark form as finalized" and then pressing "Save Form and Exit", are you then using the "Send Finalized Form" function (from the main ODK Collect menu) to submit your completed surveys back to a server? The separate files on the phone that are storing the data for each completed survey will be combined and stored on the server. The data can then be downloaded as a spreadsheet, and the data for each survey will be on a separate line in the table. If I don't understand your question, can you please try and provide more details? Thanks and all the best.

Hi dan
Thanks for your answer
My question is whether there is a way to get individual files for each survey done. That is, obtain a file for each completed questionnaire (for example, if 100 surveys are done, obtain 100 full forms of those surveys in a format that can be used regularly, such as PDF, JPG, Word, etc.).

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You could use your spreadsheet of data and mail merge to create an output for each survey. The linked tutorial is based on addressing the same letter to many different recipients, but the process would be the same for other layouts.


it`s a good idea
i willl try to do that
thank you so much for your support Dan