ODK Collect-Sheet google. All the entries of the columns that fall in google drive appear with the following symbol '(Apostrophe)

Hello community, i have a problem, it is happening for all the forms that I create, even with those that worked well before, the information collected has a single quote ' before it. What may be causing this?

As shown in example 1 suddenly change of place and with single quote
Example 1

Example 2

Tablet: Galaxy Tab A (2016)
Android: 5.1.1 lollipop
ODK Collect v1.124.1

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Hi @famador

It's something we do on purpose, please check the documentation https://docs.opendatakit.org/collect-forms/#sending-finalized-forms-to-a-server (the first note below)
or other topics like Apostrophe in front of each entry in google spreadsheet after sending forms from ODK collect

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Thanks Grzesiek2010 for the documentation, now i understand the apostrophe is not a error, but with this apostrophe in google sheet do not permit use a maths operation like a sum or a division, and i think it is a problematic situation.
I have one year and i created a lot of xlsform and i never had the problem of format (number 1940 change to date format) sending the data from odk collect to google drive. Now with the apostrophe i have the problem of format.

My solution is use the version 1.22.4 of odk collect, this version dont send the apostrophe.
You think in the near future change that?. Or other metod to avoid the apostrophe with the last version of odk collect.

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Yes, there is a pull request which should be included in v1.25 which we want to release in December.
If we add it only: text, select_multiple and barcode questions will be proceeded by an apostrophe because only those questions are risky. Does that sound like an improvement for you?

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Cool, is a good news @Grzesiek2010.

Thanks for the follow up.