ODK Collect to Briefcase exporting blank csv files

Hello, I am new to ODK and trying to set it up. I really hope someone can help me please!

I have ODK Collect v1.8.0 on my Android 7.0 device and Briefcase installed on my Macbook Air. When i complete a form, ODK Collect shows the form is finalized. I then drag the entire ODK folder from my phone to my desktop. From there, I then Pull the form using ODK Briefcase where it is stored in a folder named "ODK Briefcase". When i export it as a CSV file the file is blank except for the headers. It does not import data. A manual inspection of the ODK files on my computer looks like it is not importing a completed form from ODK Collect. I uninstalled and reinstalled both Briefcase and ODK Collect.

The ODK folder on my computer that i dragged over from my phone has four folders: forms, instances, layers, metadata. Instances does contain a photo from the form but none of the other folders has anything that looks like an xml file with the data. The form folder has simply what appears to be the original XML file.

Does anyone have any suggestions? In general i'm not too comfortable around computers so please try to use simple instructions.

Thank you!


Try importing the odk folder using adb.exe as explained in Pushing/pulling forms to/from android devices directly from a pc.
Please note that, as pointed out by @yanokwa, unless you use an Android device emulator for testing your forms, you need only install the SDK Platform Tools (https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.html) instead of the whole Android Studio.

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Thanks for your help and this link which i did not see before. It turns out that the problem resolves by restarting my Android device after completing the forms and before pulling the ODK Folder to my computer. Thank you for this link and help! Much appreciated.