Odk collect unable to data from openhds

I am Razak, a Data manager with Kinttampo Health research Centre, openHDS use to run on android 9 and below but I have been able to recompile it in gradle which currently runs on android 10 and above but the new problem I am facing is, It is unable to pre populate the id fields in ODK. I am using ODK Collect 1.28.4. I would be glad if anyone could help. The problem seems to do with the formloadtask

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As described at https://github.com/SwissTPH/openhds

OpenHDS is not anymore developed. In case of question or support please email to openhds@swisstph.ch.

How did you pick this Collect version? This version has the scoped storage migration that I believe runs by default on a fresh install. I don't know OpenHDS well but I believe you would have to make sure never to run that migration in order to use it. I believe that means using v1.26 or earlier. You can read more at Collect will need to stop using /sdcard/odk for files. It may also be the case that your Android 10 device uses scoped storage by default which I believe is not compatible with OpenHDS.

Please note that we don't generally recommend running such old versions.