ODK Collect v1.14 Beta

ODK Collect betas are an opportunity to get community feedback on upcoming releases. If you have an ongoing data collection campaign, we recommend quickly verifying part of your form on a test device. The release will be delayed until all reported issues are fixed.

Joining the beta program
To join the beta program, find ODK Collect in the Play Store and scroll all the way down. Please don't join the beta with a device or account actively used for data collection! In particular, note that joining the beta is account-based. If you use the same Google account across multiple devices, do not join the beta with that account.

Leaving the beta program
You can leave the beta program from the bottom of the Play Store page at any time. Once you leave, you will get the next production update when it is released. If you need to go back to the previous production release, uninstall and reinstall the app. Your settings will be reset but your forms will remain (though backups are always recommended).

What to check in this release
Thanks so much to everyone (@Jerry_Quarry_Mentang, @Yohan_Parmanand, @Heath623, @marabenta, @DavidM, @philippevg, @Veethahavya) who reported issues or made suggestions. Please verify that this beta fixes them!

The important changes to verify are:

  • Repeats are supported in Google Sheets
  • GPS reported accuracy can now go below 10 m

If you have some time, please also verify the other changes in the release notes:

Unlike our usual betas that run for a week, this one will run for two weeks because of the coming Easter holidays.


Thank you for the updates, looking forward

I have found no issues with the repeat group google upload functionality. Works as expected and is a real advance for users using google sheets as a backend.
Once again I am overwhelmed with the pace and vibrancy of the ODK project, one of the most impressive open source initiatives I have seen!


Hi @yanokwa,

I have tested the GPS accuracy and it's working with no issue.
I tested with:

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Prime 4 (7.0)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (5.0.2)
  3. LG G5 SE (7.0)

"GPS Only" mode on, "Airplane mode" on.
Those devices can reach accuracy up to 3m in under 20 sec. on first trial and under 10 sec. on the next trial.

Hope this info can help you.


Thank you so much for the useful feedback, @Jerry_Quarry_Mentang and @DavidM!

We've shipped an updated beta with a few more refinements! The important changes to verify are:

  • Repeats have parent keys and keys with ordering (Give it a try with a new form, @Fabla!)
  • Embedded audio player in audio widget. Use the All Widgets on the opendatakit.appspot.com server to test.
  • Video widget with selfie/new-front appearance (@A.N.M_AL-IMRAN, this is what you wanted, right?)
  • Updated translations. Find a mistake in one of the 65 supported languages? Join the translation effort at https://www.transifex.com/opendatakit/collect

If you have some time, please also verify the other changes in the release notes:

The upcoming release will go out to the Play Store on Sunday unless you report any problems below!


hi all, great work done, everything is now working perfectly on the repeat group parent_keys and keys as I expected.