ODK Collect v1.16.4 on mobile device

Good afternoon,

I developped registration forms for identifying potential beneficiaries. The forms are developped KoBo toolbox. The form was deployed and I want to see how it behaves when collecting them in the field.

My problem is:
when accessing get blank form
Connecting to server
invalid username or password

Under general settings I entered the correct url, username and password many times. I changed wifi connection. I entered many times the url, username and password ensuring there was no spelling mistake. This is the first time it has happened, I used to be able to access get blank forms.

Thank you for your support!


Welcome to the ODK forum, @carod! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

For KoBo Toolbox specific questions, you will probably have better luck on their support pages.

I was able to connect to Kobo from Collect just now and Get Blank Form. Is Collect displaying any sort of error other than invalid username and password? There are 2 URLs depending on what server you are using, are you sure you're using the right one? You could also try changing your password online and then trying with the new password?

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Thank you so much for your help!

I was able to solve the issue thanks to your advice!