ODK Collect v1.19 Beta

ODK Collect betas are an opportunity to get community feedback on upcoming releases. If you have an ongoing data collection campaign, we recommend quickly verifying your form on a test device. The release will be delayed until all reported issues are fixed.

Joining the beta program
To join the beta program, find ODK Collect in the Play Store and scroll all the way down. Please don't join the beta with a device or account actively used for data collection! In particular, note that joining the beta is account-based. If you use the same Google account across multiple devices, do not join the beta with that account.

Leaving the beta program
You can leave the beta program from the bottom of the Play Store at any time. Once you leave, you will get the next production update when it is released. If you need to go back to the previous production release, uninstall and reinstall the app. Your settings will be reset but your forms will remain (though backups are always recommended).

What to check in this release
This release includes significant changes to the Edit Saved Form and Jump menu. These screens have changed how we display groups/repeats and have added the ability to add and remove repeats. If you use groups or repeats, we strongly recommend you try this release and offer your feedback on the changes.

Other changes to try include:

Extra testing
If you have some time, please also verify the other changes in the release notes:

The intended release date is Feb 3rd Feb 2nd. We may publish a second beta before then if needed. Thanks to all beta testers!


Hi Yaw,

I just test the beta build on Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Android 8.1. App crash when complete Audio record and it's reproduceable.


we can't reproduce the crash on our devices. Are you sure it didn't take place on v1.18.2? If co could you tell us what audio recorder app you use?

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I’m sure it’s v1.19.0 beta.0.

I didn’t install any recorder app so it must be Xiaomi stock recorder. I will try to post a screenshot.

Great! I haven´t seen as new change the fantastic added Xpath Traslate Function thanks to @Xiphware.
Tested Ok with the translate.xml (2.0 KB) provided.

Also what about this Add XPath substring-before() and substring-after() functions? I could not test with substr.xml (2.2 KB) (sample provided) because it fails to upload in sandbox aggregate.

FYI you wont be able to upload these forms to an older Aggregate because it's form validation step wont recognize these new XPath functions. (I'm surprised you were able to get the translate form uploaded!?)

Using Android 6 on ZTE Axion 7. The edit/jump add and navigate repeat works well and is intuitive. I can't see how to delete a repeat group however. Form upload on latest aggregate fine.

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Thanks I was able to reproduce the issue and created a pull request which fixes the problem.

Tested OK by copying xml direclty to device´s folder. Very nice function! thanks

YW :blush: I'll try to get the ODK doc's updated with suitable descriptions for these 3 new XPath functions once the release goes out. In the mean time, you can refer to the W3C spec:


Again, these functions are also (already) available in Enketo.

I've just shipped a new beta with fixes to the reported issues. Please keep trying the beta and make sure everything works as you expect!

@DavidM Are you still having problems deleting repeats?

Hi Yaw, build 1 has fixed the audio record issue.


Yep can now delete repeat groups.

Found a new minor bug, if you have null group (not a repeat group, just a group with no entries, the whole group was skipped during form entry due to a "relevant" condition not being met), the bin icon is shown, when you click on it it crashes ODK.
Using odk19.0.beta.1 on android 6 on zte axion7 phone.

heh. with a devious mind like that, you are going to make a truly GREAT tester! :grin:

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@DavidM, can you try the production build v1.19.0 to see if this issue is fixed? If not, can you please attach a small test form?

@Grzesiek2010 Maybe you've seen this in the crash logs?

No nothing in the reports. @DavidM please attach your form.

been away, will try it out tomorrow and if not working attach form...

Tested on 19.0 production. No longer getting the option to delete null groups as they arent shown.

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