ODK Collect v1.22 Beta

ODK Collect betas are an opportunity to get community feedback on upcoming releases. If you have an ongoing data collection campaign, we recommend quickly verifying your form on a test device. The release will be delayed until all reported issues are fixed.

Joining the beta program
To join the beta program, find ODK Collect in the Play Store on your device (not in the web browser) and scroll all the way down. Please don't join the beta with a device or account actively used for data collection! In particular, note that joining the beta is account-based. If you use the same Google account across multiple devices, do not join the beta with that account.

Leaving the beta program
You can leave the beta program from the bottom of the Play Store at any time. Once you leave, you will get the next production update when it is released. If you need to go back to the previous production release, uninstall and reinstall the app. Your settings will be reset but your forms will remain (though backups are always recommended).

What to check in this release
In this release, logic for questions that depend on a previous answer are supported even if the questions are on the same screen. If you use field-lists or have ever wanted to have form logic on the same screen, we recommend you try this release and offer your feedback on the changes.

We have also added Mapbox basemaps (General Settings > User Interface > Mapping SDK) as we move closer to adding offline vector maps support and feature selection. Our next step will be adding a new settings screen for Maps.

Finally, you can now keep history of changes to values in the audit log! XLSForm support is coming soon is coming soon, but until then, adding odk:track-changes="true" to your audit bind in the XML will enable the feature. To see the audit.csv, pull it directly from the device using adb or download the submission from Aggregate with Briefcase.

The important changes to try are:

Extra testing
If you have some time, please also verify the other changes in the release notes:

Unless beta testers report issues, this release will go out on May 29th. Thanks to all testers!


I suppose the appearance is myanmar and not mynamar, isn't it?

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Of course it's myanmar.


Hi Yaw, one thing I have noticed in this v1.22 is that the constraint message does not appear. is this intended or a bug?...

PS: I did not test v1.21 so I cant tell if this was the case then.

Could you attach a sample form? I tried one and everything was fine.

SAMPLE.xlsx (13.8 KB)

See attached. Thanks

It works as expected, the message will appear if you try to navigate forward.

Thanks @Grzesiek2010. Funny enough, it doesn't work as expected for me with v1.22 but works okay with previous version.Screenshot_2019-05-16-15-06-08 I took the screenshot while navigating forward.

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@Dan What device and Android version are you using so we can narrow this down.

Also, I noticed that you have the buttons on the bottom of your screen. Does the behavior change when you to the General Settings, User interface, Navigation, and choose "Use horizontal wipes".

@yanokwa, the first screenshot is from v1.22 running on a Tecno AX8 with Android 7.0. The second screenshot is from v1.18 on a Samsung tab T231 with Android 4.4.2.

Changing the navigation style makes makes no difference.

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I am also not able to reproduce this, @Dan. What are you using to convert from XLS to XML? Can you try http://opendatakit.org/xlsform and see if that gives you a different result?

I tried to reproduce this problem on devices with Android: 4.4, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 8.1, but I do not have any of the mentioned models.
Toast appears on all tested devices.

@Dan were you able to move to the next question?

I have a similar result when I add space after 22 because 3 digits are expected.
But probably it is not a case.

When I add just 22 I can use a hierarchy view to go to the next question.
But when I click on Save and Exit button I'm moved to this question.

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Hi all,

Im new to this forum, and to the app, but it proved quite useful for several projects we are fielding in Montenegro.

@yanokwa thanks for your work. I've just tested the translation to Serbian that I worked on last month and except for a few typos, it seems to fit rather well. What do you recommend for going forward? Should I just fix the typos in transifex?


Thanks for contributing the Serbian translations, @NemanjaS! It's wonderful to hear that ODK has been useful for your projects and that you have now made it more accessible to Serbian speakers.

We'll update all translations from Transifex at the earliest on Tuesday of next week in preparation for the final release. In general, you can expect any changes and additions you make in Transifex to be reflected in the following release.

@yanokwa @LN
I have tested the relevant within field-list behaviour which appears robust to me. It handles multiple levels of relevance too which is awesome.


Can't test ODK Audit log currently as we need to setup a more uptodate server.

@dr_michaelmarks The audit.csv should also be on the SD card in the instances folder if you don't want to wait to setup a server. You can use an on-device file explorer to find it and share it to yourself via Gmail/Dropbox/etc.

If XML looks like:

<bind nodeset="/trst_relevant/meta/audit" type="binary"/>

Where am I meant to add


To enable this?

Good question! It will work anywhere after the bind but before the last /. So something like this:
<bind nodeset="/trst_relevant/meta/audit" type="binary" odk:track-changes="true" />

Thanks @yanokwa
Looks pretty good.
Probably a . CSV import error but is start/end meant to be a date-time stamp?