Questions with criteria under relevant only show when swiping forward to the next page then back again

I created a xlsform with criteria under relevant. I converted it to Xform and uploaded it to aggregate and then to ODK Collect v1.18.2 on my android phone.
It works apart from that questions with the criteria only show when swiping forward to the next page then back again.
I think I already read about a problem like that, but cannot find it anymore.

Hi @Svenja

probably you use field-list appearance? and keep questions on one screen? If not please attach your form and we can look at it.

You are absolutely right. That is the case. If I take that away then I see the titles and notes spread onto separate pages, though, which adds a lot of swiping and takes away the overview. Is there another option to use instead of field-list?

App_Malawi_oil.xlsx (45.2 KB)
App_Malawi_oil.xml (87.1 KB)

There is no other solution to fix your problem apart from removing field-list appearance. Questions that might appear/disappear can't be on the same page (like questions that trigger their appearing/disappearing) because we need to refresh the view to show/hide them. Currently, we don't support such a case.

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This strikes me as a potential UI 'bug'... at least its not something that has been clearly documented. I think a good argument can be made that a field-list 'page' should probably be refreshed as questions on that page are answered, showing/hiding things as appropriate. This is how Enketo works, where everything is on a single page, as well as other XForms clients (eg my iXForms, and probably others).

Thoughts... @martijnr? @yanokwa? @ln


Yes, that's how I see it.

This is a long standing issue and one that we've documented extensively.

We want to fix it, but it's not easy to fix. PRs are very welcome here.

Thanks. I wasn't aware this issue has already been logged (and discussed). I'll followup on github.

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@Svenja We've fixed this issue in ODK Collect v1.22 Beta. Can you give it a try?