ODK Collect v1.4.12 has been released

Hi all,

ODK Collect v1.4.12 is now available for download on
http://opendatakit.org and will be rolling out on the Play Store over
the next few hours.

This release:

  • Adds Estonian translations
  • Adds SNI support
  • Adds USGS, Stamen, and CartoDB basemaps
  • Removes Mapquest basemap
  • Fixes unclosed Geoshape polygon

You can find more details in the release notes at

Thanks to Allan, Brent, Hélène, Jon, Max, and Neil for their
contributions to this release!

Oh, and if you are a developer, don't let these folks have all the
fun. Go to https://github.com/opendatakit/collect and help us fix bugs
for the next release.