ODK Collect v1.8 Beta

The upcoming release of ODK Collect (v1.8.0) includes big changes to the underlying user interface libraries. These will allow us to modernize the code and the interface in upcoming releases. :tada: This change has resulted in minor cosmetic differences with the prior published version but in general @Shobhit_Agarwal has worked hard to maintain the look and feel.

I strongly encourage every organization to try out the beta on a non-production device and file issues if necessary. There were some Android-version specific issues in Beta 1 and it's possible that there are still some. There is now All Widgets form available on the default server with every widget that should make it easy to do a quick verification on your devices.

:clap: Read about the beta program here. :clap:

This release is not yet production ready so please don't install it on devices actively being used for data collection! Beta enrollment is by Google account so make sure that you use a different account for your test device and your production devices.

To see all that will be in the upcoming release, check out the beta 1 release notes and beta 2 release notes.