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I want to skip the date from one node to the last node what is the
solution for that ??

··· On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 5:24 PM, suman kunwar wrote:

Hi all !!
I am new at ODK !! i want a selection menu where one selects the data
and in according to the data it goes to that field . It was successful
till i have the single relevant field but problem arises if user clicks
the button having same relevant field it won't work !!! It worked for
the single one but not for two relevant fields .

I use following xml code !!

It is true for * selected(/data/GOAAPPMSNP ,98) .*

selection codes

strAgr agr Neither agree nor disagree disAgr strDis 98 strAgr agr niAgrnor disAgr strDis 98 1

can anybody help me ??


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