[ODK Community] Aggregate issue

After entering your e-mail address for your Google Cloud project, choose
"Get Token"
This should open 2 things:
(1) a browser window where Google will step you through a sequence of
approval screens to get a token. Once completed, copy that token string to
the clipboard.
(2) a small pop-up associated with the updater tool in which you will paste
this token string.

Sometimes the pop-up does not render. This appears to be correlated with
long delays in opening the browser window.

If that happens, close the updater tool and re-launch it from your file
browser or Finder window. Navigate to in the directory created by the newer
installer, if on:

  • Windows: double-click the ODKAggregateAppEngineUpdater.jar and use
    that to update your App Engine instance.
  • Mac OSX: double-click the uploadAggregateToAppEngine.app file in that
  • Linux: open a bash shell, navigate to this directory, and run the
    uploadAggregateToAppEngine.sh file.

Then click "Get Token" again. Since the browser is already open, this
should properly display the smaller pop-up and you can paste the
already-copied token into that, OK, and choose Upload.

··· On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 8:33 PM, Doãn Định wrote:

I am new person with Aggregate. I just set up the Aggregate server after
I created a new project, set up newest java but it showed a box which is
not the same box with name and password in the guidline paper I have read.
I had issue that I could not find any solution. Please guide me to solve
this issue ( The problem was imagined in this picture)
Thank you so much and I am really appreaciate your help


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Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington