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I am currently using tablets to collect data including GPS. I have encountered problems such as could not get the GPS data and cannot upload data to the cloud. two tablets cannot get GPS data and one tablet cannot upload. do you any experience to share on how to effectively handle these matters. thank you very much

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offline Nafundi XLSforms tool...... - 1 Update multiple answers ranked in order of importance - 2 Updates Google sheets & charts - 2 Updates falure in installing ODK aggregate - 3 Updates Cannot start Aggregate 1.0 with Apache Tomcat 6.0 - 1 Update GPS App on Android - 2 Updates

offline Nafundi XLSforms tool......

john.harper@grableservices.com: Jan 15 03:28PM -0800

Thanks Yaw.........The fix work great......Thanks again

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multiple answers ranked in order of importance

Ted Johnson tjohnson@hni.org: Jan 15 01:52AM -0800

There is no function for that, but there is a workaround that seems to come

Here: https://formhub.org/prabhasp/forms/rank_example

There a sample file you can download to test, which we did:


It seems to work fine as long as the user answers the questions in order.
However, the weak validation fails if the user goes back changes a previous
answer. In the example above, the user could go back to the top question
and select "fuchsia" and the form will allow it.

it might be worth testing as pull-down options rather than radio buttons.
We did not test this scenario.


Ted Johnson | Media and Communications Manager

www.hni.org | www.DataWinners.com http://www.datawinners.com/

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On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 11:10:39 AM UTC+3, ROSSI Lorenza wrote:
Neil Penman neilpenman@gmail.com: Jan 16 09:43AM +1100


Its also possible to only show unselected choices using a choice_filter.
This example form illustrates this

The example may be more complex than you need in that it first asks for
your top three and then asks you to rank them. You can remove that first
multiple choice question if you want.




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Google sheets & charts

Swapnil Agarwal swapnilchesa@gmail.com: Jan 15 09:55AM +0530


I am using formhub to create xls forms and the data entry is happening
using Enketo forms in the field.

Can I aggregate the responses in a Google sheet so that I don't have to
download the updated excel sheet again and again?

Also is there a way I can have automatic charts as per the responses?

Sorry if it sounds silly I am barely tech literate.

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil Agarwal
Ph : +91-9099067758

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Mitch Sundt mitchellsundt@gmail.com: Jan 15 10:57AM -0800

This is a question for the formhub team -- formhub is an alternative to ODK
This list is not their customer-support list. See their site for how to ask
them questions.

ODK Aggregate, of course, has a publish-to-Google-Spreadsheets feature,
which is exactly what you are asking for.

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 8:25 PM, Swapnil Agarwal swapnilchesa@gmail.com wrote:

Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington

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falure in installing ODK aggregate

zhangzaixing2009@gmail.com: Jan 14 09:39PM -0800

On Thursday, 15 January 2015 03:07:59 UTC+8, Mitch Sundt wrote:
zhangzaixing2009@gmail.com: Jan 14 09:37PM -0800

Dear Mitch,
Thanks so much for the ananlysis and suggestion. I tried to install under the folder "My documents". it went through the process but again the same problem remaining.
So i tried to use the other computer i used and entoured the same problem with before. tried installation before and after clearing email protection. However either way it did not work. I have attached the running record for you to reveiw. the difference i found from the the recorda is the "authorization".
then i tried to sue the Log onto Aggregate. it did not work either.
regards and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Mitch Sundt mitchellsundt@gmail.com: Jan 15 10:55AM -0800

Good. You have the app installed and uploaded to Google AppEngine.

Note that #1 and #2 both indicate the upload to Google AppEngine succeeded.

The upload script will report that authentication is required if you have
not uploaded anything to Google AppEngine in "a while". If the subsequent
uploads succeed (and they have), then everything is OK. The second upload
attempt was likely run shortly after the first one, and the authentication
was likely still active when that ran, so it never had an authentication

The authentication during the upload sequence is entirely up to Google's
software - hence why I cannot be more specific than "a while." It seems to
continue to be valid for at least several hours after the username and
password are verified.

All the login screens are all looking good.

If you have installed ODK Aggregate 1.4.4 or 1.4.5, the only account that
is defined will be the username you specified when you ran the installer.
You should click on the "Sign in with Aggregate password" , specify that
username, and user "aggregate" as the password. Once logged in, you should
immediately change the password (via the Site Admin / Permissions sub-tab).

ODK Aggregate 1.4.5 is the most recent release, available here:

If you have installed ODK Aggregate 1.4.3 or earlier, the installer would
have asked for a gmail account. In that case, you would choose "Sign in
with Google" and log in using that gmail account. The account name you
enter must exactly match the capitalization and spelling shown in your
gmail settings.

Once you have logged in, you can use the Site Admin / Permissions screen to
restrict access to authorized users (vs. the anonymous user), and create
other user accounts or add gmail accounts to the set of authorized users.

Note that beginning in April, gmail account access will stop working.

Note also that if you mis-type your password for the ODK Aggregate
username, you must close all of your browser windows and re-open them in
order to re-try with a correct password. Otherwise, regardless of what you
do, you will always get a screen like #4. Another option is to always log
in using an incognito or private browsing window.

Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington

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Cannot start Aggregate 1.0 with Apache Tomcat 6.0

kinuthianj@gmail.com: Jan 15 06:49AM -0800

This did the trick;

Copy mysql-connector-java-5.1.17-bin.jar to /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/

I was previously copying the .jar file to /var/lib/tomcat6/ but this was NOT working.

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GPS App on Android

Ramadhan Ali Swalleh ramadhan.swalleh@evidenceaction.org: Jan 15 09:35AM +0300

Hi everyone,

A question that's a little off topic here - hope anyone doesn't mind - but
I thought I may give it a try in case someone could point me to the right

So we're looking for an Android app (to run discreetly preferably) that we
can use to track the movements of the devices in the field. Since they're
being used in relatively remote areas, we gather it shouldn't rely so much
on the network provider's network signal and instead, the GPS satellite

Also, we'd prefer if the GPS data could be downloadable if possible.

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

Kind regards,
Ramadhan Swalleh
Neil Penman neilpenman@gmail.com: Jan 15 06:29PM +1100

Hi Ramadhan,

I'm not going to answer your question directly although I'm guessing there
will be quite a few device management tools that will do what you want.

However fieldTask, which is a wrapper around odkCollect that adds task
management features, does allow you to record the path taken by users while
they are completing surveys. Its not particularly discrete as it shows the
GPS trail on the phone. In fact I'd like to make it as obvious that it is
recording the path as possible. However it may be of interest and its back
on topic :slight_smile: I have not built a GPX export option into the server yet but
that would not be too difficult.

More details are available here http://blog.smap.com.au/version-14-11-01/



On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 5:35 PM, Ramadhan Ali Swalleh <


Smap Consulting http://smap.com.au/| Mobile Data Collection Solutions
Application Developer - neilpenman@gmail.com minqiang.huang@gmail.com
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For GPS, download an app that shows your GPS activity. I like "GPS Status"

This will allow you to diagnose and resolve any issues around getting a GPS

For upload problems, first try entering the URL for the server in your
device's browser. If you can access the server from the browser, then the
communications off of the device are working OK.

Next, compare the settings between the two tablets to make sure they are
using the same URL (especially https:// or http:// )

And finally, first go to the form download screen and see if you can see
the available forms to download. If you can, you should then be able to
submit your filled-in forms.

··· -- Mitch Sundt Software Engineer University of Washington mitchellsundt@gmail.com