[ODK Community] How to create a trigger to send any new form sent through ODK to be sent to SQL server as well?

One possibility is to set up an ODK Aggregate publisher into Google
Spreadsheets https://opendatakit.org/use/aggregate/data-transfer/

Then use a 3rd party tool or the scripting capabilities of Google
Spreadsheets to publish from Google Spreadsheets into SQL Server.

e.g., don't know whether this is good or not:

··· On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 6:42 AM, Hanan Aqilan wrote:

I'm digging to know how to create a trigger to send or copy any coming
survey through ODK to be sent to SQL server as well. Also, I'm still
searching if there is a fast mean to move all old records in ODK server to
SQL server. I saw some posts about this, but most people confirmed that ODK
cannot deal directly with SQL, please share with me your thoughts on this.


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Mitch Sundt
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