[ODK Community] Image Capture Select With Annotations widget - available in portrait mode?

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··· On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 3:56 PM, JasonM wrote:

Apologies if this is somewhere in the forum already. I have used ODK to
create a tree survey and the "image capture select with annotations" widget
is very useful for pointing out a single tree in a group. I am using both
Google Nexus S and HTC Legend phones for the survey.

With the Nexus S, any photo taken in portrait mode is automatically
rotated 90 degrees and displayed as landscape, but sideways. Pictures
taken as landscape do not get rotated. Any pictures where "Markup Image"
is selected are then shrunk so that one side of the photo fits in the
boundary of the markup application and the rest of space is filled with
grey. The resulting markup photos are stored with a grey bar taking up
about 2/5 of the image.

With the HTC Legend, photos in portrait mode do not get rotated, but
images where "Markup Image" is selected are shrunk and/or cropped depending
what orientation the phone is held in while the markup is done. The
resulting photos shrunk or cropped to anywhere from about 7/8 of the image
size to less than 1/2, and the rest filled with grey.

Is there a workaround to this in the phone end (maybe an aftermarket phone
app), or is it a known bug with the widget?

I also wanted to let the ODK developers and community know how grateful I
am for the amazing program and continuous work.



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