[ODK Community] ODK Aggregate-- dialog box does not appear, can't delete forms

The software tries to place this in the middle of the screen.
Unfortunately, if you have a long list of items, that logic can sometimes
get confused between the actual size of the scrolling region and the size
of the browser window.

i.e., the confirmation box is likely farther down in the scroll area
(either vertically or horizontally).

This confusion varies by browser. You might try a different browser, or you
can try resizing your browser window, or zooming out.

··· ----- What version of ODK Aggregate are you using?

I made some changes in 1.4.5 to not resize the screen as much, and this
might have made this issue worse.

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 2:03 PM, krenneker@taskforce.org wrote:

I'm trying to delete some forms from ODK Aggregate, as I have done many
times in the past. Today, however, when I click "Delete" next to the form
I wish to delete, the screen grays out, but the dialog box asking if I'm
sure I want to delete the form never appears. Without this dialog box, I
cannot delete forms, and with the screen grayed out, I can't do anything

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!


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Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington