ODK consultant/assistant needed


Our research team, based in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, is looking for a consultant to help with building forms, ODK aggregate and ODK collect. Some basic forms were created but we need to enhance them. We need a consultant/assistant that can do:

  1. Sophisticated constraints and relevance flows
  2. Look and feel tweaks (e.g., putting images instead of numbers for answers; showing answers horizontally and not vertically).
  3. Picking up coding errors which takes us long to identify... :slight_smile:

If possible, also:

  1. Connecting information obtained from previous surveys for relevance and constraints related to data being obtained in the current survey
  2. Connection with CAPI system

We need someone who can start as soon as possible.
Please get in touch if this sounds like something you can help with.

Thank you!

Dr Ohad Green

Hi @Ohad_Green,
Hoping I can help you - I'm based just outside of Oxford and run "Humanitarian Data Solutions", which is a company dedicated to teaching/training data collection and data visualisation to NGOs and social enterprises.

We run an online course teaching intermediate-to-advanced XLSForms, as well as act as a consultant for a number of companies and charities to help them manage their data collection and data visualisation.

Sounds like it would be great to get connected regardless, as it sounds like you're working in a very interesting field! I'd be happy to chat either online or in person in Oxford - but let me know if this sounds hopeful :slight_smile:


Hi, how do I send my application to you? I have 7 years experience in designing complex ODK forms. I can start right away but I live in Ghana. I can work remotely as soon as you are ready. If you want to see some of my projects, kindly email me through awaafod@outlook.com or call/whatsapp +233507199533.

Thank you all for responding via the forum and directly! We got a lot of interest and I'll start to review all of the messages and respond. Thank you!

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Hello @Ohad_Green .

The team I belong to would be happy to collaborate, we are multidisciplinary with knowledge in the areas of data collection, storage, analysis and visual representation.

We mostly use open source languages and tools such as:
► XLSForms
►ODK Central
►R Studio
►JavaScript Librarys

We have experience in digital transformation in companies in the agribusiness sector and NGOs. On the specific topic of data collection, we have created dozens of tools for this purpose.

Their work is very interesting, we could deepen details through the following contacts:
e-mail: fausto1mayo@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +505 8400-4278


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