ODK Consultant required - ASAP

Hello all,

University College London is looking for a consultant to help with setting up ODK Aggregate and advising on the process of ODK Collect. The forms have already been built and data collectors will be trained mid-September. Therefore, we ideally need a consultant through the end of August and parts of September.

Please get in touch if this sounds like something you can help with.


Hello @cris
I would like to help

Hi everybody. I could also help

I would like to help

Maybe I can be of help

Hi @cris,

I will be very much interested. I am also available the whole of August.

looking forward.

I will be more than willing to help with this.

Felix Omondi

I would like to help

Thanks a lot for the offer.
I am very interested to help on this.


I can help with setting up and managing the aggregate hosting environment. You may contact me on asarephilip8@Ggmail.com

Hi! I am experienced with both server side and client side of ODK project. I am also experienced with database and web technologies to extend the benefits of ODK.

I am interested but i am in Nigeria

hello, i have seen your post, I would be available throughout August.
contact me @DIbokette@twitter or divineibokette@gmail.com

Hi, I'm interested and available.
Thank you

M. Kella DOUZOUNE MSc GIS, Computer Science
AFRO GIS Consultant at Mcking Consulting Corporation
Mobile / WhatsApp: +23566246279 E-mail: kella.douzoune@gmail.com


I would be of help Kindly reach out. Thanks

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