ODK Developer for important survey tools to work with Dhis2

We are a Brisbane-based evaluation provider working on a program to reduce recidivism in communities. The implementing organisations would like a simple tool to collect client progress against their individual goals post-release. We would need to create a personalised rubric that would be returned to the client each quarter to measure progress against his/her chosen goals. This would then be aggregated across the cohort to give a proportion of X who have met or are meeting their goals. We are looking to hire an organisation or an individual consultant that is Brisbane or Australian based, or can work in our time zone, that could assist us to design the ODK Survey tools. Grateful for any leads. Please contact me on mark.power@abtassoc.com.au

Hi Mark,

I'm Brisbane based and have some experience with ODK. Your project sounds interesting. Would you like to meet for a coffee to discuss.



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