[ODK Developers] extract data from third party application

Hi Ramkesh,

You can easily launch your external app from ODK fields. See this from the
Collect release notes:

add support for launching an external app to obtain a string, integer or
decimal value. Support is via "ex:intentpath" appearance attribute on
string, integer or decimal input widgets. An example external app is
BreathCounter here

That would work fine if you could return just the area in a string,
integer, or decimal value; you could even return the XML in a string, but I
think that the limit may be 255 characters (or thereabouts). If you want to
actually attach an entire file to a survey, then you would need to
customize Collect to support a new binary field type; then, you could
attach your entire file to filled-out forms, and they would be uploaded and
exported the way that pictures, audio clips, and video files are already.
That would obviously be more involved, but you could look to the existing
ImageWidget.java, for example.

The ODK team provided the ex:intentpath appearance for strings, integers,
and decimal values, but it seems to me that it would be logical to also add
support for ex:intentpath for binary files. This would be kind of a hybrid
between ImageWidget.java and ExStringWidget.java. If you were to build
something like that, I'm sure that the core team would appreciate it being
contributed back to the community.



ยทยทยท On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 5:25 AM, wrote:

Hi Team,

We are using ODK for data collection, recently we have created area
calculation application and the purpose of the application is to record
all the geo-code via gps of land, calculate the area and finally saved the
calculated area. Now we want ODK application should launch area calculation
application and once user have saved the area then ODK application should
read the area and return it to odk server whenever device is online.

Please let me know is it possible through odk if yes then please share the
example, its really urgent.

Please find the attached apk file with odk data file.
This file will be saved on same location of .xml files without any
extension. This file can be view in any file explorer and not from our
application. File name will be "ODKdata". This will contain coordinates,
area, areaunit, distance, perimeter, and distanceunit in xml format.


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