ODK form and sql

I will like to know how to edit existing sql data using odk form after collection.
How to retrieve data from SQL server, edit and update it using odk form

Welcome @oichirobert,

With odk collect/aggregate, once the data has been send to aggregate, you will not be able to edit it with odk.
I think you should take a look to ODK-X (formerly ODK 2 https://opendatakit.org/software/odk-x/) to perform some updates of collected datas


Thanks @mathieubossaert for your response. DO you think installing ODK Services and configuring odk table and odk survey I will be able to view and edit stored data?

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It sounds like ODK-X should provide the functionality you are asking about. I think we will need a more detailed question in order to provide a more exact answer. ODK-X does provide "Bi-directional synchronization of data across devices." You can read more in the documentation linked by @mathieubossaert above.

@danbjoseph This is my question: How do you edit already data stored in aggregate server (SQL Server)with odk form?
I will appreciate if you guide me on how to achieve that. I am trying to find ways to do that. Currently, I do not have any server set I can use to test that.

You could try looking at the simple demo application:

Part of the demo explanation is:

If you then repeat these steps with a different device, you can see that the two devices can share and exchange data, and revisions to this data, whenever they synchronize to the server.

The "revisions to this data" part seems to be what you want to do.

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Thank you so much @danbjoseph for your support. This is essential information you have shared here. I hope this will help