ODK form integrated with google sheet

Dear friends
i am using ODK form integrated with google sheet, i uploaded my all forms to my drive, then i found it via odk collect in my mobile, it is working well, now i want to share these forms with others, what is the best way?
Note: i sent a from to another mobile, it required sign in to the owner id (owner drive), in this case, it could be misused by collector, is there any other safe way to share my forms?
thanks in advance.

Hi Mansour,

Try to change google sheet permission (where you collect the data), so others can access it once they submit their forms.


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thank you dear, but i mean how to share a form with other, and how others can use it in collect?

Share the xml file with them. ODK collect app can recognize this format easily.

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can u explain to me, how to share the xml file in odk collect? thank you