ODK instance folders empty on computer

I am using ODK Collect v1.24.1 on Huawei BG2-W09 tablets (we are also using two Samsung tablets and these are working fine). The form is working fine and is saved correctly. I can go to the "Edit saved form" folder and edit these forms and send them to an aggregate server. However, when viewing the ODK instances folder on a computer or trying to use briefcase the instant folders are there but they are empty. Apart from some of them have the images that were taken as part of the form. However, none of the completed forms are there. Ideally just want to get the data off the tablets directly to the PC. Any thoughts?

Hi @Hannah861
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what folders are empty? All of them?
you should have your forms in odk/forms/ and saved in odk/instances/

Did you copied and pasted the whole odk dir on your computer and tried to pull data using briefcase?