ODK Interviews

Just wanted to say big thanks to @iamnarendrasingh for setting up all these interviews! :clap: They're a wonderful idea, and really I look forward to reading about everybody's diverse backgrounds, and all the varied paths folks have followed that fortuitously led us all to this one place in time. And they really give the place a sense of community. :slightly_smiling_face:

My only suggestion, perhaps we're due for an interview about, oh..., I dont know...., maybe an obscure transcendental mathematical function, perhaps?



Hahaha. :sweat_smile:

I love the interviews too and always look forward to them. Thank you, @iamnarendrasingh!

I appreciate the shoutout @Xiphware and for those who are wondering what all this transcendental mathematical function business is about, the Wikipedia article on the ln(x) function might help. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:It took me a second to figure it out!

I went back through my direct messages and realized to my embarrassment that @iamnarendrasingh has asked me to do an interview and I missed it. I know he has some awesome ones scheduled for the next couple of months but I will get on that!

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Thanks a lot

@LN and @yanokwa, for giving me this opportunity to work with ODK Community and the most important thing was that you both think that my idea about taking ODK interview will be worth for ODK form and you both gave me this responsibility and this can't be complete without ODK Community.

And yes in last month you all will get interesting things from my side for ODK Interview which you all will like i am working on that once i will get my first draft i will let you know.


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