ODK/Kobo/Enketo integrated with another offline mobile app

Hi All,

I am looking for an offline form engine which I can integrate with my
offline mobile application. Picture is attached for reference.

I summary what I am looking for is:-

  1. A Drag and Drop editor for users to create forms possibly ODK
    Build/KoboBuild/XLSForm. This creates an XForm metadata for the form.
  2. Forms metadata (XForm) is wrapped with the mobile app we are developing.
    For native android this could be ODKCollect enhanced to use our offline
    sync, for hybrid it could enhanced enketo web.
  3. At runtime forms are triggered and form metadata (XForm) is transformed
    into a a UI on the mobile device. Again using for native android this could
    be ODKCollect and enketo for hybrid.
  4. User enters forms data and data is returned to main mobile app to store
    in local data store and manage sync with backend service. Backend mobile
    server uploads the filled forms into a manage/aggregate server like ODK

Has anybody done something similar before? any ideas if this woudl work?

Any help would be appreciated.

Navdeep Singla

Form Engine.pdf (179 KB)