ODK reference, Mr Burgess

just an fyi for the community...

if you are writing a paper that features some odk tool, please send us
a link so we can put it up at http://opendatakit.org/about/research/

if you need an odk citation, please use the paper from ictd 2010,
titled "Open Data Kit: Tools to Build Information Services for
Developing Regions." you can find a copy at
http://opendatakit.org/about/research. it'll be the acm's digital
library soon.

finally, if you need a link, use http://opendatakit.org/. there is no
manufacturer, but odk is built by folks at the university of
washington. see http://opendatakit.org/about/ for more.

ยทยทยท On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 01:53, jon burgess wrote:

I wish to reference the ODK for a study which I will perform, I will be grateful
if you could send me the manufacturer/service provider and there address so that
I may reference the ODK appropriately using the Harvard Referencing system.

okay thank you, I will soon share our paper for crocodile monitoring in uganda which used odk tools to collect and export data in excel.