ODK + Sharepoint + Xamarin

Hi, I have a new year’s resolution for 2016, as some of you know, some of
us come from the Microsoft (dark side) area, and some United Nations
Agencies use Sharepoint, and the integration with the ODK Tools (Formhub,
Ona, KoboToolbox) is difficult (it has many implications about security
because usually Sharepoint installations doesn’t allow external access and
so on), so I’m gonna start an open source project to integrate Odk tools
into Sharepoint. The success of this project will depend on how many
contributors and sponsors I got, my time is very limited so any help will
be appreciated. Anybody with C#, Angular, and Sharepoint knowledge can help
and of course any company that can help will be appreciated.

P.D.: I have another idea about doing ODK Collect for all platforms
(ShareRosa - OpenRosa), lately I’m working with Xamarin and doing a port
that will work in any platform will be not so much difficult.

Happy new year.

Can you provide me help that how you used ODK with Xamarin?