ODK TAB/Smartphone Based GPS vs Dedicated GPS Machine Data Quality

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a verified document or link about comparative statement of odk based (TAB/smartphone) gps data quality vs dedicated gps machine coordinate data quality for presentation.

It will be very helpful for me if anyone can suggest me for a verified document. Some people have query about the quality of smartphone/TAB based gps data.

Thanks in advance.


The accuracy of the GPS data will be based on the device hardware. The environment also matters a lot. You will generally have very high accuracy in an open field, and very poor accuracy in an alley in Dhaka. When you say "TAB" do you mean Samsung Galaxy Tab? Or you mean just using a tablet? Are you looking at specific models of smartphone? Or you just want to know what is possible with good phone hardware? It is possible to pair with the phone a bluetooth GPS receiver or similar device to improve the accuracy of the GPS measurements.

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and others in Tanzania have been doing some inspiring work related to this. See the below tweet for some details.


Hi danbjoseph,

Thanks a lot for your responses. Right now I am collecting GPS coordinate data through Lenovo TAB which is AGPS feature enabled. And i am collecting the coordinate data without internet and without service provider network (No mobile phone SIM card). and through ODK android app. I am getting all coordinate data which have below 5 meter accuracy.

My curiosity was to know and get some document on only GPS dedicated device (like: Garmin etc.) vs ODK based AGPS featured phone/TAB etc without internet and without service provider.

Thanks in advance.