ODK template logo (How to insert organisation logo)

How are you everyone . I need your help . I need to know how to insert organization logo in each of ODK page form . I want to insert the logo at the top of every page .

You can include an image with a question using the media::image column. However, this places the image after the question text, which is not what you want. To have the logo at the top, you'll need to group a note type question with your logo set in the media::image column with your question(s) for that page. You'll need to use groups (i.e. begin_group and end_group) with the appearance column set to field-list for the begin_group row. I think something like this for each page:

|    type     |   name   |       label       | appearance | media::image |
| begin_group | page_1   | Page 1            | field-list |              |
| note        | pg1_logo | Organization Name |            | myLogo.jpg   |
| text        | q1       | Favorite food?    |            |              |
| text        | q2       | Favorite color?   |            |              |
| end_group   | page_1   |                   |            |              |

Thanks a lot for your reply @danbjoseph while although I am looking for a static logo that will appear in all pages. Is it possible to insert log inside me excel?

Do you mean in your data export? In a survey in Enketo web form? In a survey in ODK Collect?

Thank you very much for your reply. I mean in the ODK collect form

It is not possible to have a header that automatically appears on all screens.
If you have a limited number of of pages in your form (as created with groups and the field-list appearance), you can add a note type question at the start of every group with your logo, as shared in my earlier post above.