ODK Test Data Generator tool

Hi all,

Want to share with the community this data generator tool in case anyone finds it useful.

I often get requests to generate test data for ODK forms. So I decided to whip up a tool to help me with this tedious task. With my limited knowledge of javarosa, I added some extension functions and came up with a web + commandline tool.


If your form has some constraints.. you can customize how your data is generated by specifying a custom calculate like function.

This is still in ALPHA.. and does not support some functions like pulldata

A commandline version of the tool is also available for here https://github.com/kayr/javarosa-autofill/releases/download/ALPHA-1/console.jar

Feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:



Awesome work, @kayr! I did something similar Approaches to stress testing ODK servers that you might find useful.

Just a couple bits of feedback.

  • When I put in my admin credentials to my test server, I get an access denied error.
  • It's not super clear from the web url you posted what I'm supposed to do first. Maybe add some quick instructions at the top or rearrange the layout so it's more obvious.

I will look at the stress testing implementation for some ideas.

About the URL: you are supposed to enter the URL you would normally enter in odk. E.g http://opendatakit.appspot.com

Unfortunately my laptop harddisk has just crushed right now without warning.(that's the second ssd crushing on me).

Anyway will put up more documentation when I get my workstation up. Hopefully the app does not crush while am off.

Hi @yanokwa ,

I was finally able to get my laptop up and running.

I have fixed the authentication problem. I was using basic auth instead of digest auth. This is fixed now.

About the stress testing.. I think this tool can also be used as a stress tester.. one thing it lucks(and I probably need to add) is to easily set the number of concurrent data submission threads, however you can open multiple browsers for now to simulate this.

Documentation: I have added a basic in app tour guide for any new user.

Thanx for the feedback.

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Hi @kayr,
I see that the demo URL is not available anymore. Is the app still available somewhere else?


The URL was used for just demo purposes and sometimes goes off after a server restart.

Please try again. Its been a while since I last used the tool, so am not sure if it works with the latest odk servers and features.

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