ODK TSC 1 Call - 2020-03-18

These calls bring together the Technical Steering Committee for the ODK suite (@TSC-1) to discuss roadmaps, working groups, and other issues of technical governance. Everyone is welcome to come to these calls, but only TSC members may talk.

The calls are held every two weeks in our UberConference room. We put the agenda, audio, and transcript of every call in this document.

Our next call will be Wed, March 18. The meeting time should be shown in your timezone above.

The agenda can also be seen in the agenda document.

If there are topics you would like to add to the TSC's agenda, please comment below. :point_down:

  • I've added time to debrief from the call between the TSCs. (@Xiphware)
  • Do we need to set aside some time for Client-settings endpoint? (@LN)
  • There are some various to-dos from last meeting. Please check to see if you're responsible for something.

(:clock10: :world_map: @yanokwa , I set the time based on the 6am New Zealand note at the end of the last meeting. If this is correct can you please adjust the calendar invite?)

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Yes, please. I think this is the next big important piece of spec work to take on and that it can be a good model for future additions that require client-server coordination.

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reminder to folks for tomorrow:

  • @yanokwa can you please start an async doc for about who we want to serve, where we want to go, etc.
  • all, please take a look at the links Yaw shared about non-profit boards
  • all, if you have any suggested names for high level organization, please come ready with those
  • all, if there are agenda items you'd like to add please let me know