ODK used to Map and monitor NUSAF Projects In North East Uganda

Traveling through the vast land of Karamojoja Land in northern eastern Uganda to help in the training of local government officials to collect data on various world bank sponsored projects under NUSAF 3, On many occasions, I found myself taken up by the vast beauty of the vegetation and landscape.

Collecting data in over five sub-counties of Nakapiripirit, I was amazed by the hospitality and vast culture of the Karamajong people.

one can not help but appreciate the great beauty of the vegetation and landscape. I found my self falling in love with nature and the fresh air..looking forward to going back next year.

With my awesome guide that helped see the process through.

a picture with a karamajong warrior :sunglasses::sunglasses:

A district official of Amudat District Inspecting a water catchment NUSAF project