ODK Validate Errors: XForm Parse Warning: Warning

hi guys,
i am trying to upload a form to my ona platform and i got this series of error message pointing to my begin repeat and end repeat codes:
ODK Validate Errors: XForm Parse Warning: Warning: 1 Unrecognized attributes found in Element [input] and will be ignored: [count] Location: Problem found at nodeset: : /html/body/group[@ref=${odn}]/repeat[@nodeset=${odn}]/input With element <input count="3" re/html/body/group[@ref=${ktq}]/repeat[@nodeset=${ktq}]/input With element <input count="3 Something broke the parser. See above for a hint. Dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate Result: Invalid

hi @olanikewems
can you share with us a sample file of you xlsform?

Ona uses Validate to, well, validate their forms, but this could also be an issue with Ona's platform. Definitely reach out to their support team at https://ona.io/contact.html as well.

The xls form file keep uploading for so long, Please kindly share your email so as to send the form directly.Thanks

The xls form has been sent to your mail Fabla, thanks inadavance