ODK Voice

Hi Sidhant,
Great to meet you and also that you'll be working on ODK. I'm cc'ing
the ODK list just so can know what's going on. We've created a module
in OpenMRS that allows you to schedule a call to ODK-Voice based on
patient's preferences, it sends information via an xml file to
ODK-Voice which then places that information into the xml that it uses
to make the call i.e. you can have the patient's name, a date of a
clinical visit and their cell phone as part of the phone survey.
We've then modified ODK-Voice so that on completing successfully a
call it imports the filled out xform to OpenMRS. The clone of what we
are working on is on the ODK-voice repository under joaquinblaya if
you're interested in looking at the code.

Sorry it took me this long to reply.


··· On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 12:38 PM, Adam Lerer wrote: > Hi Sidhant, > > It's great to hear you'll be working on ODK Voice! There is definitely a lot > you can contribute. ODK Voice does handle voice calls, although it does not > do voice recognition (on purpose for now). > > Based on your focus on OpenMRS and outgoing calls, you might be doing > something similar to Joaquin Blaya at ehealth, who I am cc'ing. ODK Voice > already supports outgoing calls, and the group at ehealth has been working > on OpenMRS integration over the past few months. > > ODK Voice is a little bit tricky to set up the first time, and the > documentation has some errors (I think Joaquin is working on improving it). > So please don't hesitate to email us if you get stuck setting it up. > > Best, > Adam > > P.S. The demo you saw on the wiki page is no longer running. I removed it > from the wiki. Thanks for pointing it out - hopefully someone else will set > up a demo server soon! > > On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 2:40 AM, Sidhant Jena wrote: >> >> Hi Yaw, >> Thanks for your email. I will go ahead and install ODK voice. Do you know >> off the hand, if ODK voice works with incoming voice requests completely. I >> noticed that you guys had setup a dial-in number as a test. >> The reason I am asking is so that we don't replicate any work and focus on >> things that havent been completed such as OpenMRS integration and probably >> outgoing calls. >> Thanks, >> Sidhant >> On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 9:37 AM, Yaw Anokwa wrote: >>> >>> hi sidhant, >>> >>> the development on odk voice is not complete. our team is not actively >>> working on that codebase, but there are other groups (ehealth systems >>> comes to mind) who are. >>> >>> perhaps a good first step is for your team to set it voice and start >>> playing with the functionality it has. next, identify three or four >>> features that are missing, pitch those to the mailing list and see if >>> you can get others to chip in. >>> >>> sound reasonable? >>> >>> yaw >>> >>> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 23:03, Sidhant Jena wrote: >>> > Hi Guys, >>> > I am running a public health project in Bangalore, India and wanted to >>> > develop ODK Voice further. We have a SW team well versed with server >>> > end and >>> > mobile client applications. Is the ODK voice development complete and >>> > how >>> > could we collaborate it developing this further ? >>> > Thanks, >>> > Sidhant >> > >


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